Michael Geiger

Impulses for new perspectives


Michael Geiger


Michael is an Entrepreneur and Consultant. Being educated in engineering and science he acquired strong analytical problem solving skills and built a mindset around it. He uses his talents in strategy and organization to help small businesses analyze their own current situation and advices them to discover their solutions themselves.

On an individual or organizational level, Michael applies his A.M.L. approach:

Along this method, Michael will guide you through the phases with :

ACT: Motivational advice for you to take action

MEASURE: Objective methods to measure your actions

LEARN: Analysis of your results and creative solutions to adjust your method to learn how to go even further



Clifton StrengthsFinder® results for Melanie

Strategic – CREATE ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO PROCEED and find the best route moving forward. 

Learner – GREAT DESIRE & EXCITEMENT TO LEARN, improve and build confidence.

Individualization – OBSERVE other’s strength and DRAW OUT the BEST in people     

Futuristic – ENERGISE OTHERS WITH VISIONS OF THE FUTURE, make the dream a reality.

Intellection – JOY in reflection and APPRECIATION for discussion


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