Brother Craig Marshall

Brother Craig Marshall

Craig’s passion lies in story-telling and giving

people pragmatic tools to create the desired culture.

Just because it is common sense, it isn‘t common practice.


Craig Marshall

Director of Education & Founder of “Monk in a Box”
Mindful Living Habits


 Craig is a yoga monk and lived in a monastery for 35 years. He has been a well known minister and counselor. Today, Craig is continuing his passion as a transformational mentor and a life coach. He helped thousands of individuals to find their innermost dreams. He developed a unique way to Self-discovery, letting his clients obtain their life purpose in personal and professional lives.


How to create lasting change – Practice
1. Understand
2. Practice
3. Commit daily

7 Mindful Living Habits
1. Living a Conscious Live
2. Inspired Leadership
3. Aligning with your Life Purpose
4. Culture and Community
5. Innovative Thinker
6. Master Change/ Transformation
7. Core Communication skills

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