Standing out from your competitors, building upon
your existing resources to create your unqiue advantage.

Innovation matters

The Process of bringing ideas into reality

  • If you’re not innovating – then you’re just waiting for the expiration date on your business.
  • Most leaders know the importance of innovation  and the majority have some ad hoc activities. In order for businesses to remain sustainable, it is vital to have an innovation strategy and provide a framework for this to become part of the culture.
  •  How do you empwer your employees in being more creative? 
  • What are the biggest obstacles to overcome?

Innovation Methodology

Talent Development & Employer Branding

  • CForce4 uses best in class methods and tools such as Design Thinking, Systematic Inventive Thinking, Agile Tools, Action and experiential learning techniques, Theory U, Lego Serious Play, Kantor Player 4 Player Model, etc.
  • Additionally, the facilitators are trained with a CTI – Co–Active® Coaching Methodology/ SIT/ Design Thinking/ Agile Management to support our client‘s needs
  • Our Online Learning Programs involve best learning with the 70:20:10 model.
  • Innovation projects are prone to succeed when:
    • Building upon the company’s unique strengths & values
    • Full C-Suite/ Board of Director buy-in throughout the project
    • Whoever wants to “kill the project” is part of the team
    • Trusting the innovation process and overcoming resistance.
    • Allowing for experimentation (vs. defining success and failure)