People Leadership

Great leaders understand that high performance is directly linked to being interested in the
wellbeing and career development of the individuals on their team.

Numerous studies show that trust is the basis for high performing teams. This workshop focuses on motivating individuals by knowing what drives them and knowing their aspirations.

Upon completing the workshop, you will:

  • Be aware of the power of emotional intelligence
  • Understand the 4 level energy model and how to apply it to yourself and others
  • Be able to have difficult conversations with empathy
  • Know how to lead out of conflict
  • Create an inspirational vision for your team
  • Support your team members with their career and aspirations

Workshop Details:

  • Online Leadership Assessment (pre-workshop)
  • 1 day workshop (date to be determined)
  • 1 facilitator, 15 participants max.
  • Language: English/Czech