Organizational Leadership

To achieve impact at scale, great leaders create a common vision and foster a
culture of accountability using people skills.

This workshop focuses on building trust, enabling debate, fostering commitment, getting buy-in, and ensuring results through an iterative process.

Upon completing the workshop, you will:

  • Understand how to create a team culture
  • Seed for debate, to get all perspectives in the room
  • Develop a decision making strategy for your team
  • Fully experience your objectives and use the “future state” as a tool
  • Know how to build a culture of accountability and commitment
  • Focus on results as an iterative process and in the context of the strategy

Workshop Details:

  • Online Leadership Assessment (pre-workshop)
  • 1 day workshop (date to be determined)
  • 1 facilitator, 15 participants max.
  • Language: English/Czech