Every person can be a positive force in the world.

Coaching  is a collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and

systematic process which the coach facilitates.

Executive and Manager Coaching for Impact

Fit for the future

The pace of change is accelerating, challenges are more complex and decisions have far-reaching impact. What are the skills leaders need in order to engage their teams, create value and reach promised results? According to Gallup manager’s account to 70% variance in employee engagement. Our clients see the result of not only coaching leaders, but also providing leaders with coaching skills and thereby creating a coaching culture that has a significant impact on the bottom line, retention, and employee motivation.

We provide Co-Active Coaching, which means that all our coaches have gone through formal professional coaching training at CTI, as the largest and most established in-person professional coach training organization in the world.

Being a successful leader translates into leading other and leading business. Successful corporations know that 80-90% of management and leadership jobs require the ability to coach.


Benefits our clients have experienced:

  • Develop high potentials or facilitate the transition
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Confidence in coaching others around any topic, having difficult conversations and giving feedback
  • Address derailing behaviour

Profile of leaders

  • High pressure (all the time)
  • High degree of complexity
  • Decision maker / Translate vision to team
  • Leadership self, other, organization, society

Requirements for coaches

  • Co-active on “Eye-level” with client
  • Giving input for actions (destinctive consulting)
  • Knowledge and experience of corporate issues
  • Experience with leading team


  • Personalized experience
  • Focus on the individual not the topic
  • Experiences in dealing with power and politics
  • High flexibility for time and location


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Why Coaching Skills lead to Competitive Advantage

Talent Development & Employer Branding

Source: Wall Street Journal

It is your job as leader and manager to inspire and guide your team to achieve great things. With coaching skills leaders acquire skills for great responsibility and guidance to help move their employees to realize their full potential.

Our Offerings

  • Executive Coaching
  • Manager Coaching
  • Coaching Skills for Executives and Managers
  • Team Coaching