What We Do

We make companies future fit. We guide and facilitate you and your team to make

change happen. We partner with our clients, build upon existing resources and

devise individual roadmaps to create sustainable solutions that have an impact

on both the individual and the business.  

We support you in getting Future Fit

We all know change is here to stay and the best way to predict the future is to create it.  We empower our clients in their efforts to become future fit, by developing their talent around creativity, leadership skills, innovation capabilities and develop customized learning programs that match our clients’ needs. Our strength lies in building upon our client’s existing strengths, adding state-of-the-art methods and tools that support them best, in reaching their desired goals.   Additionally, our experience has shown that much time is spent on the lower levels of the change pyramid, missing the true agents of change by aligning purpose, identity, values and beliefs.

Talent and Business Development

We create powerful learning experiences that help leaders and teams build the future of their business




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Team Coaching



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The Logical Levels of Change


Working through the levels of change.

Environment is about the physical and geographical location that is effected.

Behaviors is about what people are expected to do, say, think as a result of change

Capabilities, competencies, skills, qualities and strategies help to guide the change. Beyond technical competencies, creativity and soft skills like ability to adapt to change itself are vital.

The magical border is crossed and change is more effective starting on the higher levels of the pyramid.

Change is more easily attainable when …

*  People know their own core purpose as well as the purpose of the change.
*  When you choose who to be in the change, not when you are told to change.
*  And as Simon Sinek has made so many aware in his TED talk when we know our personal why.

Learning Stages of Competence

“It all begins with knowing what you don’t know.”

Bringing awareness to ourselves is essential while acquiring a new skill.  We experience different emotions during the four learning stages. CForce empowers the learning journey in the most essential areas to make an impact on business.

Individuals move through these four learning stages 1) blindspot – by not knowing what they do not know, 2) then they become aware of their gap. After this stage 3) they consciously acquire and use the skill,  4) Eventually, the skill becomes second nature and ther person can access it without even thinking about it.