CJ Andrews

Leadership development and legacy. – strengthening courage, connection

and creativity.

CJ Andrews

Entrepreneur/Coach to create Legacy
Tech Implementation/Leadership Development


CJ loves creating something from nothing, especially when a need is present. She has been creating solutions for twelve years, seven of which were for her own company. Efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation are the core values she builds from. She has provided her services to Fortune 500 companies, baseball teams, and startups.

Through her leadership development and coaching practice, she assists leaders in their legacies by removing blocks and strengthening their courage, connection and creativity. 

Clifton StrengthsFinder® results for CJ:

Competition – IT IS ALL ABOUT PERFORMANCE, competition to invigorate and compete to win.

Responsibility – OWNERSHIP OF WHAT YOU SAY & DO. Absolutely, dependable.

Focus – GOALS & FOCUS , which helps to filter through choices of action.

Self Assurance – CONFIDENCE IN SELF & JUDEGMENT with full self accountability.

Learner – ENERGIZED BY LEARNING EXPERIENCE, moving through the learning stages of projects.

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