Melanie A* Sears

The power of collaboration and innovation.

Experience how to unleash human potential in leaders and teams that

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Melanie A* Sears

Business and Executive Coaching

Leadership & Talent Development

Innovation Facilitator 


Melanie works in the Impact Development Space. She is developing leaders, their teams, and bringing innovation to the table. As a Coach, her focus is to empower her clients to see their blind spots, build upon their strength and be a strong advocate for what they want to bring to the world. As a facilitator, she supports personal and business development. She is passionate about bridging the business world with the creative side, the past, and the future. Melanie focuses on innovation, leadership, and business development to positively impact our world. She has worked from large multinationals to start-ups leading interdisciplinary teams.

She is grateful to work internationally on five continents for many German DAX companies and renowned US corporations. Her value-add is around innovation workshops, 1-on-1 coaching and team dynamics.

Her strength is to use existing resources, build upon her clients’ expertise, and focus on their strengths while finding a new path by using the unique DNA of the individual, the team, and the company.

Clifton StrengthsFinder® results for Melanie

Relator – ENJOYS CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS, build trust and mentoring
Strategic – CREATE ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO PROCEED and find the best route moving forward
Learner – GREAT DESIRE & EXCITEMENT TO LEARN, improve and build confidence.
Input – INQUISITIVE & NATURALLY ENGAGED, desire to have an impactful influence on issues at hand

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