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Know your entrepreneurial strengths, build upon your existing resources and

have a personal roadmap to success.

We offer to analyze your assessment results with you in a free consultation! This will give you a deeper understanding of your personal results and provide insights that you can already turn into actions.

 The 10 min assessment of your time  and gain clarity about your strengths and weaknesses regarding entrepreneurship. We compute a success quotient over 5 areas of focus: self development, business acumen, planning your numbers, overcoming obstacles and other. Find out where your strengths are and where your room for improvement lies.

Kick-start your business! Get powerful support from one of our consultants or Co-Active® Coaches. Visit their profiles to learn more and choose whom you would like to work with.

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An example of the Entrepreneur Assessment Score

After answering questions in the 5 areas you will get a visual overview to see your entrepreneurial score. The colorful areas help you to quickly see which areas are a strength and which need attention.