Thrive Communication

Hosted by Kyle Newman and Melanie Sears

Topic – Future Present Leadership

This month’s Thrive Conversation will focus on exploring the skills and presence needed to lead in this new, uncertain and unpredictable reality. We are now living through the most challenging period in our lifetime – in a world in which the level of uncertainty we have to deal with is unprecedented; a world in which we will need to become more and more resilient and agile.

In this conversation we will explore how to powerfully hold the leadership lenses of both present and future. Whilst the current environment often requires to be very focused on the ‘now’ and the details, it is also important as leaders that we maintain connection to the vision and possibility for the future. How do we hold on to hope and possibility when so much seems unclear and uncertain, when it often feels difficult to see beyond next week, let alone next month, or next year? Through a collaborative conversation we will explore ways to stay firmly anchored in both the present and future so that we can make a profound impact and be part of creating a better future.

6.00pm BST / 7.00pm CET / 1.00pm EST / 10.00am PST / 9.00pm GST

Thrive Conversations are monthly Thought Leadership conversations to help you grow your life, grow your leadership and grow your impact. Each session is a creative interaction and will be facilitated one or more alliance members. There will be a core subject to focus the conversation and the exploration, as well as the opportunity for questions and general support requests.

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