A platform is born!

Welcome to our new platform of coaching and consulting, for life, career and business.

We from CForce form a team of professionals to help you with emotional or professional issues in life, career and business. Our focus lies in liberating your full potential. It all starts by knowing yourself and taking on full responsibility for your life and what you are creating as a leader. 

We believe there is a huge demand to build healthy and thriving company cultures and improve working relationships, in this ever more commodified world. In recent years, the trends of viewing employees as a human resource have not created a thriving environment. Teams have become dysfunctional. Managers are stuck in the middle and our world of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity has added additional stress to companies.

On the other side, there are more and more counter-forces developing. Great managers from healthy companies start to speak up for healthy company cultures, in supporting environments. In the 21st century’s globalized world, the biggest differentiator will be the capability to innovate as well as attract, develop, and retain great talent. To achieve innovation, the key factor is creativity, which is the diametrical opposite of fear. Therefore, it is inevitable to drive fear out of your lives, companies and relationships. It is inevitable, that we must create environments in our homes, offices and public spaces, where we are not scared. It is time to implement this in our society.

We from CForce aim to be a part of this.

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