Interview series exploring insights, tools, and practices
for a new era of leadership.

Shaping Your Future

In these times your ability to adapt to rapid change and find opportunities is where you will find success and happiness. These terrific speakers are providing a plethora of insights and practices to explore your mindset, skillset and toolset necessary to thrive. Each page has also reflection questions for you to consider and dive deeper into the topics. Share what you have learned and give us your perspective. 

How to have a success mindset. 

Ryan Gottfredson Ph.D., Researcher, Author of “Success Mindset”, and cutting-edge leadership consultant.


In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • How fear informs us and how to get over it through our growth mindset.
  • What are FFTs and why we need to develop them?
  • The similarity between brushing your teeth and cultivating your mindset 



Your Locus of Control

Suzy Siegle, J.D., Ed.D. & MBA Entrepreneurial Professor of Business & Leadership with research focus on decision-making.

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


  • Understanding the Locus of Control
  • Shifting your belief systems
  • Patterns in your life
  • Insight into what Heartmath looks like






Integrating the shadow   Phil Stutz renowned psycho-therapist for top talent in Hollywood, author of NYT Bestseller “The Tools” and “Coming Alive”.


In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • Managing uncertainty and embracing the emotions we are encountering 
  • Navigating your shadow
  • Conquering the fear that permeates life situations 
  • Understanding the Field
  • Being present in the moments that matter 


Creating Culture

Wendy Hanson, co-founder and current COO of BetterManager, author, podcaster, and speaker.

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


  • Navigating the remote workforce
  • Creating a positive culture 
  • What a leader needs to do in the unknown
  • Going through uncertainty 
  • Empathy and assumptions




Game-Time Decision Making. 

David Meltzer, Co-Founder of Sports Marketing, author, and on a mission to make 1 Billion people happy.


In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • What really happens when we are feeling stuck and why it is a good thing
  • Using  time segmentation to keep us from quitting  

Learn to Shift Yourself

Theresa Vigarino is a soul essence alchemist weaving neuroscience and emotional trauma release into her work.

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


  • Addressing fear and trauma
  • Learning to shift
  • Understanding the vibrations we emit
  • Moving into gratitude 
  • Finding time for creativity

Authentic Leadership in times of Crisis. 

Charles Antis, Successful CEO and Humanist, living Leadership at it’s fullest


In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • What it takes to manage uncertainty
  • How to be decisive and what really matters
  • Why Charles’ has the best business in the world  
  • How to be plugged in as a philanthropist

Mindfulness in practice. 

Craig Marshall, 35 years monk with Self Realization Fellowship, Mentor to Steve Jobs, George Harrison, Fred Segal, Founder of MindfulU

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


  •  Navigating this transition period
  •  Meditation and its impact on your focus
  • Craig’s journey to becoming a monk
  • Moving through life with empathy 

How leaders prime themselves. 

Cindra Kamphoff, PhD in Sports & Performance Psychology, Author of “Beyond Grit”, and Mental Trainer to the  Minnesota Vikings for the last 4 years.

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • Grit and Passion
  • Making decisions that help you step into your destiny
  • Showing up as a leader and the levels of leadership
  • Finding your purpose and understanding, its impact on your life

Invest in the Future

Carey Ransom, President of OC4 Venture Studio, a tech entrepreneur-focused startup studio and serial entrepreneur.

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


  • His personal why
  • The opportunities presented today
  • Investing in new ideas
  • How he knows who to invest with

Find your Resilience

Sebastian Mauritz, Assistant Professor at University of Göttingen. Author “Immun”, Principal of Resilenz Akadmie in Germany

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • Resilience
  • Navigating diverse personalities
  • Decision-making skills
  • Organizational structure

Maturing Your Leadership Karsten Drath, Managing Partner at Leadership-Choices, author, and expert on the subject of Resilience

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


  •  Understanding resilience 
  • How agility is different 
  • What drives his research and understanding 
  • Leadership maturity 
  • An organization’s ability to survive and evolve

Solution-Focused Leader

Kirsten Dierolf, CEO of Solutions Academy, author, executive and management coach since 1996

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • What leaders need to know
  • Emerging Leadership
  • The impact of age in the workplace
  • Solutions-focused thinking

Reaching Beyond Boundaries

Don Mann, retired Navy Seal, adventure athlete,  NYT Best Seller, thrill seeker who sees life full of adventures. 

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


Time To Get Happy

Lindsey Vertner,  from car wreck survivor to creating a life full of purpose, self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline. 

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 

  • Her personal why and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • How she chose victory 
  • Committing to positivity 
  •  Mastering your mindset
  • Understanding your worth

Self-Managing Framework

Brian Robertson, co-founder of HolacracyOne, world’s foremost expert on this revolutionary framework.

In the interview, we’ll talk about: 


Love More, Fear Less

Darryl Bellamy Jr., author, TEDx speaker, with the most extensive collection of written fears.

In the interview, we’ll talk about: