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How To Be A Better Manager

 Access this fun PDF “Adventures of a Manager meet Sophia”. It takes you on a journey with fun exercises as a first time manager. Perhaps a fresh inspiration for more seasoned leader too. 

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Wendy Hanson

 As Co-Founder and COO of BetterManager, Wendy is proud of her company’s mission to help leaders at all levels create a workplace where people can thrive. She is a firm believer that when companies invest in their managers, they are providing the tools to create a positive culture. New managers need guidance on best practices, middle managers need support on connecting with their team and vision, and senior leaders need thought partners. To help make that happen, Wendy draws from more than 20 years of management, executive coaching, and education experience, and an indefatigable commitment to continuous learning. Wendy earned a master’s degree in Education from Antioch University of New England in Organization and Management. In 1999, she received her coaching certification (PCC) from the Coaches Training Institute. She is an author, podcaster, and public speaker.

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