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Manifest the Miraculous

This is an 8-week audio course with a digital workbook, plus meditations and worksheets to download. This “Create a Life That Will Blow Your Mind” course will guide you to understand your personal patterns, heal and deliberately create your reality.  It is powerful, profound and magical.  

Theresa Vigarino

With the unique combination of Neuroscience, Emotional Trauma Release, Activation of Christ Consciousness as a Clear Conscious Channel, and Shamanism,Theresa weaves all of this into her client work, known as Soul Essence Alchemy.  Theresa has spent over 30 years cultivating, seeking, learning and experiencing to emerge as a conduit of healing for others.  Theresa is a mom of 2 children, Jessica and Steven,and is married to her best friend, Victor. She is a lover of nature, the animal kingdom and humankind.  She and her husband can be found rock climbing, or in her favorite place, Lake Tahoe.   Theresa and her family have recently founded a non-profit, for purpose organization, Mom’s House For Children.The mission of this effort is to eradicate homelessness for orphans in the world’s most vulnerable locations.


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