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Kirsten Dierolf

Kirsten Dierolf has been working as an executive and management coach since 1996. She designed, delivered and managed global leadership and talent development programs for large training and consultancy firms and their global corporate customers. She is CEO of her own company, SolutionsAcademy, which offers global online ICF accredited coach training programs.

Kirsten loves coaching irrespective of the topic or hierarchical level of the clients. She specializes in coaching highly intelligent people who want to maximize their efficacy in their organization or people who are faced with complex situations or political quagmires. Another focus of her work is coaching digital and global nomads working toward cultural change in more traditional organizations.

Kirsten serves as president elect for the ICF Germany and is member of the ICF assessor team for the PCC and MCC credential. She is the author of several books and many articles on solution focused coaching in peer-reviewed journals and popular publications. Kirsten speaks regularly at international conferences about coaching excellence and other related topics.

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